Installation / performance
mixed media on paper
2011 - ongoing

Dream Circus is a touring exhibition that aims to investigate the visual imagery of dreams.

It is presented as an installation made of dozens of drawings.

The public is invited to write about a dream or nightmare that has hit them particularly.

One or more drawings are produced by the artist for every collected dream.  In exchange for their dream visitors can choose among the available drawings of dreams created in some other city for somebody else.

Dream Circus Project is the result of participation and sharing, which puts the viewer between contemplation and action, triggering a social practice which is ultimately the medium of the work, a work that must be continually nourished by new dreams in order to exist.

The installation is an endless work in progress, it changes face at every turn and takes on new characteristics at each stage.

The work was created along the lines of traditional pictorial representation of dreams, but it evolves in the direction of a dynamic and constantly changing  body of works. City after city.

In 2014 DREAM CIRCUS PROJECT has won the the First Prize as Best Project at WE TRADERS Berlin.