pastels and pencil on paper
wooden boxes
sound, headphones

From Turin to instanbul, a collection of drawings of clouds are associated with sounds such as traffic jam, people talking, seagulls, recorded in the very place where the the cloud was spotted. This would connect, in a way, the up and the down, the earth and the sky.


In an attempt to sketch intimate stories of impossible places and, aware of the risk and the need to get lost in the research, Catalli also gives the lyrical charm of the most elusive of visions: the clouds, for Gilles Clément, the only place where to put dreams and the only territory from which the truth blows.



Real daytime regimes that marked the time of travel in the Balkans, each cloud was given the names borrowed from the classification attempted by Lamarck in the 19th century. - clouds of rubbish, thunderous clouds, clouds of veils - and a sound track has been associated, with the intention of returning the perception and emotion of the changing landscape (not just visually). It results in a delicate soundscape that in its all-out solution suggests the nostalgic sense for a time - that of travel - and for a space - dreamed and lived - that appear so distant and yet so close.

Annalisa Pellino